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Press Release

Aug 2018

Sunho Biodiesel Corporation: Pure Biodiesel Can Be Cost-Effective for City Bus to Overcome Air Pollution

Global Energy News Award

Nov 2016

Awarded the Best Biodiesel Development Company by Global Energy News

Publication on Renewable Energy World

Jul 2013

Enzymatic Process for Biodiesel and Biobased Material Production


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Publication on Advances in Biofuels, Springer

Jan 2013

Chapter 11: Enzymatic Process for Biodiesel and High Value-Added Products


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May 2012

Oral presentations at the 103rd AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo in Long Beach, California:


1) Enzymatic Transesterification Process for Biodiesel Production and Beyond


2) Emulsification-free Oil Degumming

Press Release

Feb 2012

Lipid-based Biorefinery on the Horizon

Shortlisted nominees for the Green Shoot Award

Feb 2012

Included in the shortlist of nominees for the Green Shoot Award category (for the most exciting innovation in next generation development) of the 2012 Sustainable Biofuels Awards , which was included in the 7th Annual Event, World Biofuels Markets Congress and Exhibition, 13-15 March 2012, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Organized by Green Power Conferences


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Press Release

Oct 2010

Can Biodiesel Ever Cost Less Than Diesel?

Most Wanted Patents

Jun 2009

Included in IPEXL’s Most Wanted Patents (the top patents people are searching for the most popular innovations in technology): Methods for producing alkyl esters; Method for preparing alkyl ester via transesterification or esterification from oil source and alcohol

Pilot Unit

May 2006

The mini ET Process® machine pilot unit was presented at the 97th AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It continually converts vegetable oils into pure biodiesel and pure glycerol in a single run. The product meets EN/ASTM specifications.