Advantages of the ET Process®

ET Process® Highlights

Flexible Feedstocks with High FFA

High FFA feedstocks (with lower cost) such as used cooking oil (UCO), animal fat, corn oil, soybean oil, etc. can be used with no problem. With simultaneous transesterification (oil) and esterification (FFA), no need to separate oil and fatty acid in the feedstock. No oil loss from pretreatment. Less capital investment and operational cost from pretreatment process.

80% Lower Lipase Consumption

We use inert solvent to protect the enzymes so the activity remains high for an extended period. Amount required is at least 10 times less than the conventional enzymatic process. Enzyme wouldn't be a burden to operating cost and taken out your profit.

High Value-added Byproduct

Pure glycerin (~99.7%) is also produced without the need for tedious purification. High value phytonutrients can also be recovered from some oils.

Environmental Friendly Technology

No washing, no wastewater, no hazardous chemicals

Sustainable Business with Social Contribution

With totally green and enhanced process, ET Process® makes biodiesel business become industrially viable and profitable. Sustainable process for creating clean environment and contributing more to society. Its feedstock flexibility allows local communities to benefit from their own source to manufacture their own energy. An independent energy source will enable the community to expand on progressive projects, generate more jobs and develop surrounding rural areas.

Where are we?

Compare to chemical and conventional enzymatic process, our ET Process® offers you more advantages. Our technology assists your production more efficiently and more profitable.

 ChemicalConventional EnzymaticET Process®
Acid esterification pretreatmentNeedNo needNo need
Lipase consumption-High80% lower
Reaction time1-2 hours12-24 hours10-60 minutes
High value-added byproductNoYesYes
TemperatureHigh (60-100°C)Mild (35-45°C)Mild (25-45°C)

The biodiesel industry could benefit from technologies that would free manufactures from dependence on subsidies. The ET Process® is one such technology that makes it possible.

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