ET Process® for Biodiesel

Enzymatic, near-zero waste, cost-effective

Foremost amongst the issues currently blocking effective use of enzymatic biodiesel systems is biocatalyst stability. The ET Process® uses an inert solvent in a rigorously engineered system to provide stability to and full utilization of the biocatalyst, thereby enabling production of pure biodiesel and pure glycerol with high yields at an industrial pace. The technology helps manufacturers save on costs normally associated with chemical biodiesel processes (feedstock, capital and operating). Find out more.



Oil Extraction

Extraction with fatty acid esters

This technology extracts oil from plants or natural sources (e.g., algae) using fatty acid alkyl esters (FAAE). It is highly recommended as an upstream process in industrial biodiesel production as it eliminates the need for solvent separation downstream. FAAE, a biodegradable solvent, is an extractant of oil from live organisms such as algae and from oil-bearing plants like rice bran, palm fruit pulp, yellowwood and tobacco leaves. Contact us for more details.


Emulsification-free oil degumming

Less equipment, more efficient process

This advanced degumming process is unique because it does not undergo emulsification, unlike what is expected of a typical degumming process. Aside from simplifying the operation by eliminating the need for a high shear mixer, it increases savings from lower enzyme and chemical usage and lower oil loss. Additionally, it minimizes energy consumption while providing better control of phosphorus in treated oil. Contact us for more details.



Monoglyceride production

High purity, high yield process for oleochemicals

Monoglyceride has widespread uses as end products or intermediates in various industries. Our monoglyceride production process (MG Process) converts fatty ester or fatty acid into monoglyceride using enzymes. This technology can produce high yield, high purity neat monoglyceride. The cost of production is lower than conventional processes that use chemical catalysts. Monoglycerides are used in food, cosmetic, personal care, animal feed, pharmaceutical, packaging, paint and fine chemical industries.